Plus Style will hold a press conference online on November 10th. The cheap 5G smartphone “TCL 10 5G” has been released at + Style operated by the company. It has been revealed that the product will be sold in other sales channels, but it will be sold exclusively on the company’s website for about two weeks.

Plus Style announced that it will set up a new page in the “SIM Fleece Maho” category within the + Style site operated by the company. We will develop a total of 7 models, including the 5G compatible “TCL 10 5G” that will be sold in advance from November 10.

  • Strengthen the handling of SIM fleece smartphones with + Style

Specifically, “HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G” as a 5G compatible model, “ASUS ROG Phone 3” as a gaming-oriented model, “OPPO Reno3 A” and “Xiaomi Redmi Note9S” as a cost-effective model, and “Palm” as a one-of-a-kind model. “Phone” and “Punkt. MP02” will be lined up.

In addition, it is said that LINE Mobile’s entry package is also available as a cheap SIM communication plan.

Overview of TCL 10 5G

The TCL 10 5G is a mid-range smartphone with a 6.53-inch display. This will be the first 5G compatible model of a TCL brand smartphone for the domestic market. Although it supports 5G communication, it is characterized by being able to be purchased at an affordable price range of 39,800 yen including tax. It supports 5G bands “n77” and “n78”, and 5G communication is available.

  • Exclusive pre-sale of “TCL 10 5G” for about 2 weeks

The display resolution is full HD + and the screen occupancy is 91%. The punchhole type in-camera is located in the upper left. On the back, a quad camera that adds an ultra-wide-angle, macro, and depth measurement camera to the 64 million pixel main camera is installed. It also has a shooting function that utilizes AI processing. In addition, for audio-related functions, in addition to supporting high-resolution playback, it is equipped with a 3.5mm earphone jack.

SIM fleece maho sales are strong, ranking high in the year

At the beginning of the Plus Style presentation, Mr. Masamitsu Kondo, President of the company, took the stage. I explained the background of the newly established “+ Style SIM Fleece Maho Corner”.

  • Mr. Masamitsu Kondo, President of Plus Style

Regarding the recent situation, he emphasized that he expanded his product lineup to 18 products by adding ceiling lights and humidifiers. Regarding product sales, he explained that as of October 2020, the number of units sold was about five times that of last year. Especially selling are “smart LED bulbs” and “smart multi-remote controls”. We are also proud that the smart fully automatic coffee maker sold better than expected in June.

  • Fully automatic coffee maker sold 9 times more than expected

On the other hand, the cloud-first smartphone “Robin” was the best-selling product in the overall ranking of the + Style head office for five years, including products other than its own. In addition, devices such as “Palm Ohone” and “Punkt. MP02” are also digging into the top ranks, and I explained that the smartphone genre products cannot be ignored. It is said that the purpose of increasing the main product axis is to increase the background of the new SIM fleece maho page.

  • In the ranking of + Style main store, multiple smartphones were ranked in

Mr. Kondo said, “I think that the MVNO ratio of smartphones is about 20%, and then it is gradually increasing. I wanted to introduce measures that suit the times, so I opened the SIM fleece smartphone corner. Smart We have a lineup of smartphones that can operate home appliances, from communication to terminals. We will continue to increase the lineup. “

Regarding the TCL 10 5G, which will be sold exclusively in advance, “I think that it is 39,800 yen, which is cheaper than other 5G terminals. Compared to the 5G smartphones currently on sale. However, the specifications are not inferior to those of others. “