One of the selling points of the iPhone camera app is that it is easy to use as both a still camera and a video camera. Only Apple, which has a strong focus on UI / user interface, has been carefully designed in every detail, but it has some annoying problems.

That is “QuickTake” adopted in iPhone 11. In photo mode, touch the shutter button for about 1 second to start video recording, and release your finger to end shooting. If you drag the shutter button that has changed to the red REC button to the right (upward when you hold the iPhone horizontally), you can continue shooting video even if you release your finger. This is a convenient function that allows you to shoot video while in photo mode.

However, if you are accustomed to the iPhone so far, you may feel uncomfortable with QuickTake. This is because with conventional iPhones, pressing and holding the shutter button is assigned to start burst mode (continuous shooting), so the intention of continuous shooting becomes video shooting. Drag the shutter button to the left to enter burst mode, but it’s no wonder some users think it’s okay to stay the same.

Perhaps you’ve listened to such a silent voice, iOS 14 has added the ability to assign the volume button (above) to burst mode. It’s easy to use, just open the screen in the order of “Settings” → “Camera” and turn on the “Use volume up button for burst” switch. Since the function of QuickTake itself has not changed, you can not use the previous operation method of burst mode by pressing and holding the shutter button, but you should not have trouble dragging the shutter button.

  • Added a switch for those who found burst mode difficult to use on the iPhone 11