As a new genuine accessory for iPhone 12, “MagSafe compatible iPhone leather wallet” is now available. I was lucky enough to get the stock that arrived at the Apple Store, so I immediately tried using it.

  • New iPhone 12 accessory “MagSafe compatible iPhone leather wallet”. The price is 6,800 yen (excluding tax).Strong shortages continue, with online Apple stores shipping after December 10th.

A leather card case that sticks to the back of the iPhone 12 with a magnet

The MagSafe compatible leather wallet is a leather card case that sticks to the back of your iPhone 12 with a magnet.

Only one size is supported for all four models, from iPhone 12 mini to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Available in 4 colors: “Baltic Blue”, “California Poppy”, “Saddle Brown” and “Black”. Not only the colors close to the iPhone 12 itself, but also a completely different color seems to be interesting.

  • Interesting combination with various colors

The leather wallet can be attached directly to the iPhone 12 or used with Apple’s genuine “Clear Case”, “Silicone Case” and “Leather Case”.

  • It looks like it is stuck on the genuine Apple silicone case

The surface of the leather wallet is embossed with the Apple logo. The price is quite reasonable at 6,800 yen (excluding tax), but the texture of European leather is good, and it gives an impression that it is quite convincing compared to branded card cases.

Up to 3 cards, pay attention to how to remove and magnetic shield

I actually put in cards and banknotes and used them. It is a specification that can accommodate up to 3 cards such as credit cards. When I actually put in three, I got the impression that it was a little cramped. If you reduce the number of cards, you can also insert banknotes folded in three.

  • Fill up with 3 cards

  • A card and two tri-fold banknotes inserted

On the contrary, how about one card? When you insert the card into the leather wallet, it sticks firmly in the back, and it seems that even one card can be held without slipping out.

  • Even one card is held firmly and will not fall even if it is turned upside down.

A little worrisome is the possibility of dropping the leather wallet itself. It sticks firmly to the iPhone body with the power of a magnet, and although it does not come off so easily, it is safe to avoid using it by screwing it into a tight pocket.

To remove the card, remove the leather wallet from the iPhone body and push the card out of the hole on the back with your finger. It took some time at first, but after using it several times, I got used to it.

  • There is a hole on the back for removing the card

The existence of magnetism is a concern as an accessory that uses magnets. First of all, the leather wallet body is shielded, and it seems that there is no problem even if you insert a card using magnetism.

On the other hand, Suica board cards and Visa touch compatible credit cards did not respond and could not be used with them in the leather wallet.

The orientation of the card is indicated so that the side with the magnetic stripe is on the outside. Even if you put it in the opposite direction, there is no problem so far, but it seems that people who want to use it carefully should be careful. In addition, the attached booklet stated that “it may interfere with medical electrical equipment.”

  • Illustrations showing how to use it show the card’s magnetic stripe on the outside

Recommended as a “complement to Apple Pay”

As you can see, when you look at the characteristics of leather wallets, some people may feel that this is not suitable for their own use.

For example, if you want to carry more cards, banknotes, and coins with your iPhone, you should look for a wallet case that doubles as a cover. In addition, it is troublesome to take out frequently used cards such as transportation IC cards and employee ID cards for entering and exiting the office.

Wireless charging affects everyday usability. Wireless charging is not possible with the leather wallet attached, which adds the extra effort of removing the wallet before placing it on the charging pad or stand.

The overall impression is that at the heart of the iPhone 12, there are payment methods such as Apple Pay and smartphone payments that can be completed with the iPhone itself. However, even though cashless support is progressing, there are still situations where board cards and cash are required. Leather wallets complement this situation.

Another hidden effect is the “bulge” on the back of the iPhone 12, which makes it a little easier to hold. Those who are particular about the ease of holding the iPhone may be worth picking up.