Two major smartphone players, Apple and Google, have introduced the first 5G-compatible smartphones one after another. In this review, I’d like to compare the two representative products, the iPhone 12 and the Pixel 5, to identify their individuality.

  • Pixel 5 (Sorta Sage) on the left, iPhone 12 (blue) on the right

Apple and Google, the first 5G smartphone has arrived

The new mobile communication technology “5G” is still a developing technology. It also means that the area expansion is extremely limited compared to 4G LTE that has spread nationwide, but the problem is that the load on the smartphone side tends to be high with the current modem chip, and battery consumption tends to be faster in the 5G area. There is also.

This is also the reason why the early 5G smartphones were all equipped with a large screen and a large battery.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 are both 5G smartphones, but avoid extremely large size.

  • Pixel 5 (left) will be equipped with Android 11 and iPhone 12 (right) will be equipped with iOS 14 by default.

  • iPhone 12 (blue).The back is made of glass and has a glossy finish.

  • IPhone 12 screen side

The iPhone 12 has the same 6.1-inch display as the previous generation iPhone 11. The body has been changed from a rounded shape to a shape with sharp sides, and while reducing the vertical and horizontal dimensions and thickness, it is compatible with 5G.

The flat display with a plate-like shape was also used in the former iPhone 4-5s generation. This is a revival that incorporates the current trend of narrow frame displays. In addition to this, iPhone 12 incorporates a new coating “Ceramic Shield” that increases the drop resistance of the front glass by 4 times.

  • Pixel 5 (Sorta Sage).The aluminum body is painted warm like kraft paper.

  • Pixel 5 screen side

In contrast, the Pixel 5 has been modified to have a more rounded shape than its predecessor, the Pixel 4. The sharp functions have been reduced to reduce performance, and the body has a thin form that emphasizes usability.

  • Pixel 5 (bottom) and iPhone 12 (top).It is a texture with different directions, glass type and fabric type (painting).

  • Pixel 5 in the back, iPhone 12 in the foreground

The Pixel 5 weighs about 151g, which is considerably lighter than the current generation of 5G smartphones. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 also weighs about 162g. By the way, the brother model “iPhone 12 mini”, which was just released on November 13, is an exceptionally light weight of about 133g even though it is a 5G smartphone.

Body size / weight
iPhone 12Pixel 5
146.7 × 71.5 × 7.4mm / 162g144.7 × 10.4 × 8.0mm / 151g