There are scenes where you want to take pictures quickly with your iPhone. In a situation where there is no next chance if you miss this photo opportunity, you want to release the shutter as quickly as 1 second. In such a case, the “burst mode” that allows you to shoot 10 shots per second, or the “priority for faster shooting” option added in iOS 14 is useful.

Burst mode is a function added in iOS 7 and realizes continuous shooting of up to about 10 seconds / up to 999 shots. In iOS 14, when you take a photo (still image) with the camera app, you can shoot continuously at a pace of 10 shots per second by dragging it to the left (downward when holding it horizontally) without tapping the shutter button. ..

If you tap the shutter button and shoot one by one without using burst mode, there may be a slight time lag before the next shutter is released, depending on the iPhone model you are using. One of the reasons is the influence of the process of combining multiple photos with different brightness to make a photo with a wide dynamic range (HDR function) and the process of analyzing images in pixel units to improve the image quality (Deep Fusion). I will.

Another feature, “Prioritize faster shooting,” was added in iOS 14. Open the screen in the order of “Settings” → “Camera” and turn on the “Prioritize faster shooting” switch (white → green) to complete the setting, and then the behavior of still image shooting in the camera app will be changed. In addition, the corresponding iPhone is limited to iPhone XS / XR and later models.

When “Prioritize faster shooting” is enabled, shooting will be prioritized for speed, so the time lag between tapping the shutter button and taking the next photo will be shorter. However, depending on the timing when the shutter is released, the image quality improvement process may be omitted, so it is not suitable for shooting with an emphasis on image quality.

  • The meaning of “priority for faster shooting” added to the camera app in iOS 14