The number of photos will increase as you continue to interact with your iPhone. I think there are so many miscellaneous photographs that are difficult to group by genre, such as the flowers and scenery that suddenly stand out, the casual expressions of friends who are close to each other, and the special dishes of the restaurant.

It’s hard to find the one you’re looking for from such a large number of photos. Perhaps Apple has taken that into consideration, and has enhanced the ease of finding photos by providing an AI-based search function in the photo app. If you can specifically remember the shooting location such as “Yokohama” or “Hawaii” or the subject name such as “hamster” or “cake”, using the search function is the shortest route to reach the desired photo.

However, there are times when you may want to search more roughly, based on whether it is a still image or a video. In iOS 14, a filter function has been added to meet that need, and in addition to still images and videos, search the photo library based on whether something has been processed and whether it is registered in “Favorites”. I can do it.

Easy to use. When you are viewing “All Photos” in the Photos app, tap the “…” button in the upper right and select “Filter” on the sheet that appears.

The next screen has “All Items” and four choices (Favorites / Edited / Photos / Videos). Each of the four options can be turned ON / OFF each time you tap it, and multiple can be turned ON at the same time, so you can set conditions such as “edited photos” and “favorite videos”.

When you apply a filter, the filter you are applying is displayed at the bottom of the screen. To change the filter conditions, tap the blue button that appears to the left of the “…” button. You can change it right away.

Easy explanation of operating procedure

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    1 When you are viewing “All Photos” in the Photos app, tap the “…” button in the upper right.

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    2 Tap “Filter”

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      3 Set filter conditions (multiple selections allowed)

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      Four A blue button is displayed at the top right of the screen and the filter being applied is displayed at the bottom.