Toast girl

OS: Android / iOS 7.0 or later
Price: Free (with ads)

[Everyday is Appli]Hmm! I'm late I'm late! Encounter from! ??

A girl who seems to be late running while holding toast. Operate her and avoid obstacles! It’s easy to play, just move the running hero girl left and right to avoid obstacles coming from the front. However, the roads are blocked by a wide range of runners, cyclists, soccer players, and tennis players, and they are quite mean. Kicking or serving the ball towards a running girl is pretty villainous. The person who is hit or stopped is, in a sense, an encounter and can be collected. It’s not a very nice visual, but … Anyway, the impact of the ending that overcomes various difficulties and arrives is one! ?? It’s fun to play a song like an idol song from a long time ago as BGM, so it’s a simple game, so it’s difficult, but I just play it.

  • I overslept!The hero with a strange cuteness

  • Avoid obstacles and people that appear from the front!

  • I bumped into it! But maybe this is a handsome guy?I don’t

  • It’s quite a devil’s job to block the road and kick the ball.

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Action degree ★★★★★
Difficulty ★★★★★
BGM degree that becomes addictive ★★★★★