OS: Android 4.4 or higher
Price: Free

[Everyday is an app day]You can easily count anything!

As the name suggests, the counter increases the number by tapping the button on the screen. You can think of it as an application of the one used in traffic surveys. The count can be set to the volume button as well as the tap, so you can increase or decrease the number without looking at the screen while holding it in your hand. Since you can freely increase the content to be counted, the usage such as traffic volume, number of quests completed in the game, number of laps when running is infinite. In addition to enabling the above volume button for counting on the setting screen, there are items such as vibrating when the value increases or decreases and not putting the display to sleep.

  • In this state, tap “+” to increase, and tap “-” to decrease.

  • You can name what you want to count in editing

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