Moped license exam questions

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A driver’s license that is convenient to have as an ID card as well as to move. Among them, the moped type, which is a license for motorcycles with a displacement of 50cc or less, is very easy because it can be obtained just by passing the paper test. This is a question collection app for the exam preparation. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic knowledge that you should know when driving, to the correct meaning of signs and traffic lights, how to drive on the road, and risk prediction, and the number of questions is 1,210. If you do this, passing will be much easier. You can pass the exam without answering all the questions correctly, but if possible, I want to acquire the knowledge so that I can answer all the questions correctly. After getting your license safely, please be alert and enjoy your driving life.

  • There are various categories, and there are problems with illustrations.

  • A collection of problems in “basic knowledge of driving”.I want to challenge the ability test after answering all of these correctly

  • You should understand the basic part if you think in common sense

  • If you do not remember the signs properly, it will cause violations and accidents.

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