topickr – Conversation app

OS: Android 4.4 or later / iOS 11.0 or later
Price: Free (with ads)

If you suddenly stop talking and have a problem with a topic, such as during a tea or drinking party, let’s liven up with this conversation story app. The topic will be given at random, so you can talk to the person who came up with it. The operation is easy, and when you start it, tap “Next topic” and the topic will be displayed immediately. There are universal stories such as “conditions required for lovers” and “recommended souvenirs that everyone will be pleased with”, so it should be manageable. A system that allows you to change topics once every 5 minutes. If you have one or two stories, 5 minutes will be manageable for the time being. On the settings screen, you can turn on / off the installed topics, or you can add new ones as custom topics. e? Do you have any friends in the first place? That’s just the function of this app.

  • The first topic that came up. “I used to be addicted to XX” There are many things I liked when I was a kid

  • You can turn on / off the default topics that come standard.

What is the rating of this app?

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Every time it gets excited ★★★★★
OK even for the first meeting ★★★★★
Meaninglessness by one person ★★★★ ☆