• Xperia 5 II and Xperia 1.Can you tell which is which?

    Xperia 5 II and Xperia 1.Can you tell which is which?

“Xperia 5 II SO-52A” to be released from NTT DoCoMo on November 12th. Xperia traditional color “Purple” is lined up as a special color only for Docomodake.

Speaking of purple, the traditional color of the series since the Xperia Z in 2013. This color, which appeared with the “Omni Balance Design” with a glass plate as a motif, has become a color that can symbolize the series, and has been adopted with different tastes in subsequent models. Today’s Xperia has no name for design and is a “21: 9 board”, but purple is still a popular color.

  • Xperia 5 II SO-52A docomo online shop limited color, purple

The purple of the Xperia 5 II, which appeared as a docomo 2020-21 winter / spring model, is a color sold only at the docomo online shop, and it is a color that does not line up in stores (By the way, blue, gray, black for stores, 4 colors of pink). The color is similar to the purple of Xperia 1, and this is the standard color that fans will love when it comes to purple of Xperia.

The high-end model Xperia 1 II that appeared in March, and the color variation of this Xperia 5 II generation are unified with nuance color, that is, a tasteful and dull color. If you line up this “Purple” in it, it looks like it floats clearly.

  • Xperia 1 purple on the left, Xperia 5 II purple on the right

  • Xperia 5 II purple on the left, Xperia 1 II purple on the right

The purple of Xperia 5 II is a special lineup for DoCoMo this time. Xperia is also sold overseas, but this purple is the only color in the world (at the moment).

  • Among the nuanced color variations, purple looks a little different in coat color.

The price is 99,000 yen including tax, the same as other colors. If you purchase this limited edition color, 1% of the selling price will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Another “only docomodake”. 5G Carrier Aggregation

Xperia 5 II has another “only docomodake”. DoCoMo is currently the only carrier in Japan that supports carrier aggregation between 5G frequency bands, and the DoCoMo version of the Xperia 5 II is one of the few models that support it.

There are two types of new frequency bands assigned by 5G: the Sub-6 frequency band, also known as the “midband,” and the higher frequency band, called millimeter waves. DoCoMo is the only domestic carrier to receive 2 credits in the new Sub-6 frequency band.

Frequency band for 5G acquired by DoCoMo
[Sub 6]3.7GHz band 3600MHz to 3700MHz (100MHz width)
[Sub 6]4.5GHz band 4500MHz-4600MHz (100MHz width)
[Millimeter wave]28GHz band 27.4GHz to 27.8GHz (400MHz width)

In other words, even if millimeter waves cannot be used, high-speed communication is possible by using the two sub-6 frequency bands (3.7 GHz band and 4.5 GHz band) at the same time. Millimeter waves cannot be used with the Xperia 5 II, but the combination of the two bands in the Sub-6 band supports the fastest download speed in Japan with a theoretical value of 4.2 Gbps. It can be said that it is another point following the color of the high-profile Xperia 5 II.

  • The front of the main body. The 21: 9 slender display is alive and well.The screen refresh rate is 120Hz, enabling smoother touch operations and video display.

  • The main camera has a triple lens configuration of about 12.2 million pixels (standard) + about 12.2 million pixels (telephoto) + about 12.2 million pixels (ultra-wide angle).Equipped with the familiar ZEISS lens

  • All side parts are purple.There is a fingerprint sensor that doubles as a power button and a SIM slot on the side

  • It also has a 3.5mm earphone jack on the top

Main specifications of Xperia 5 II SO-52A

  • OS: Android 10
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Built-in memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Size: W68 x D8.0 x H158mm
  • Weight: Approximately 163g
  • Display: Approximately 6.1 inch organic EL (2,520 x 1,080 dots)
  • Main camera: Approximately 12.2 million pixels (standard) + approximately 12.2 million pixels (telephoto) + approximately 12.2 million pixels (ultra-wide angle)
  • In-camera: Approximately 8 million pixels
  • Battery capacity: 4,000mAh
  • Mobile communication: 5G (sub6) / 4G LTE
  • Communication speed (4G): Maximum reception 1.7 Gbps / Maximum transmission 131.3 Mbps
  • Communication speed (5G): Maximum reception 4.2 Gbps / Maximum transmission 218 Mbps * At the time of release, maximum receive 3.4 Gbps / maximum transmission 182 Mbps.Reception speed improved in December 2020, transmission speed improved with updates after winter 2020
  • Waterproof / dustproof: ○ / ○
  • Biometrics: ○ (fingerprint authentication)
  • 1Seg / Full Seg: ― / ―
  • Osaifu-Keitai: ○
  • Connection terminal: USB Type-C, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Color variations: blue, gray, black, pink, purple (direct sales only)
  • Direct sales price (tax included): 99,000 yen (lump sum) / 66,000 yen (when the smartphone return program is applied)