On October 28th, Apple released version 3.0 of its video-shooting and editing app, Clips. Redesigned interface. It’s the biggest update ever, including switching between multiple aspect ratios (16: 9/4/3/1: 1), iPad landscape mode, and support for HDR shooting for the iPhone 12 family.

  • Clips 3.0

    Float the record button etc. to display the shooting target on the entire screen (left), making it easier to use effects

The new interface is designed for widespread use of iPhone and iPad screens. For example, when shooting portrait (9:16, 3: 4) or landscape (16: 9, 4: 3), the record button, shutter button, camera switching button, etc. are displayed in a float, and the shooting target is displayed large on the entire screen. I made it possible. We’ve also improved the browsers for effects, media, and projects so you can quickly select a list of different content. For example, on the iPhone, you can tap the effects button to bring up the effects browser and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to switch the compact browser to full screen.

  • Supports multiple aspect ratios

    Shooting and content creation are possible with various aspect ratios

Even on the iPad version, a landscape clip spreads across the screen when used in landscape orientation, and a large effect browser floats when you tap the effect button. Optimized for operating the Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and Apple Pencil, it supports the new iPad OS 14 feature “Scribble” (English, Chinese) that converts handwriting to text.

  • Operate Clips 3.0 with Magic Keyboard

    Compatible with the latest iPad experiences such as Magic Keyboard, making it easier to use on the iPad

With the iPhone 12 series, you can use the rear camera to shoot HDR video, add it directly to your project, edit it, and share it as HDR content. You can also add HDR videos and HDR photos to your project from the library for editing and sharing on the following devices:

iPhone X or later, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad (7th generation) or later, iPad Air 3 or later, iPad Pro (10.5 inch) or later.

Eight stickers, six shapes, 25 soundtracks and more have been added to the editorial content. Filters, posters, live titles, selfie scenes, shared sheets, etc. have all been updated to the new aspect ratio, and shared sheets now allow you to preview your videos before sending them.