OPPO held an event “OPPO INNO DAY 2020” on November 17th in Shenzhen, China, to showcase the latest technology developed in-house. The concept smartphone “OPPO X 2021” announced there uses a retractable display.

  • OPPO X 2021 with retractable display

    OPPO X 2021 with retractable display

The concept of the retractable display has been announced by several manufacturers, but OPPO X 2021 has announced a more specific product appearance. It’s just a concept, but it seems that a prototype model that actually works is also made, so commercialization may not be a dream.

OPPO X 2021 is a smartphone with a 6.7 inch display, but the main body moves left and right, and the display that was wound up from the left side appears, and it becomes 7.4 inch size. As the display stretches, the aspect ratio changes, allowing you to use the wider screen more effectively than when it is closed.

  • The closed figure is a normal smartphone with a 6.7 inch display

  • When the main body is extended to the left and right, it becomes a tablet shape with a 7.4 inch display.

However, the display that can be rolled up gives the impression that it seems to be quite soft. According to OPPO, the thickness of the display is 0.1 mm. In addition, it is said that excessive force is not applied to the bending part of the display. With a structure called Warp Track, the part that actually bends is only the part on the left side.

  • 0.1 mm thin display.The left side is wound up

OPPO X 2021 is a concept model, so there are no detailed specifications. However, if you look at the rear structure, you can see that it has a triple camera. There is a diagonal slit in the lower part of the main body from the camera part, and the structure is such that the main body is pulled out from the sleeve and the display extends to the left and right.

  • Back with triple camera

  • The structure is such that the main body goes in and out from the sleeve

If you move the retractable display by extending or storing it, you will be worried about breakdowns, but OPPO X 2021 uses a motor to move the main body so that the display is not overloaded. .. In addition, the movable parts of the main body have a separate shape like a comb, and have a structure that does not shake when slid.

  • The main body is driven by a motor and slides

  • The body that moves from side to side is combined in a comb shape

The advantage of sliding to enlarge the display is that it makes you feel more realistic when viewing video content. When playing a game, it does not get in the way even if you display notifications and various information displays of the game above. E-books will be easier to read, and the two-part display will be easier to see.

  • If you have a big screen, you can enjoy movies, games, and content usage more.

By the way, in order to make effective use of such a large screen, the front camera is an obstacle, isn’t it? I can’t see the front camera on OPPO X 2021. In fact, OPPO is developing a front camera that is embedded under the display. By the time smartphones equipped with this retractable display are realized, embedded front cameras should be in practical use. The front camera cannot be seen in the OPPO X 2021 shown at this event, probably because other technologies being developed by OPPO are also being applied.

  • OPPO is developing a front camera with a built-in display

There are no commercial announcements for OPPO X 2021 at this time. However, OPPO has obtained 122 patents for this technology, especially 12 patents for the mechanism of the retractable display. In other words, we are actually developing with an eye on commercialization rather than ideas. Since the product name is “2021” so that it will be put to practical use next year, it is possible that an actual product will come out by the end of next year. I’m looking forward to seeing what new ways it can be used.