After publishing the article on “Pokémon GO Special Weekend” on November 7th and 8th, 2020, editor Yasukawa thought. The next manuscript will come about half a year later. Writer Okayasu forgets the December 2020 retrospective article anyway. I’m sure I don’t remember Yasukawa anymore after a week. However, an unexpected incident occurred. The manuscript arrived from writer Okayasu to editor Yasukawa.

Trainer level cap increased to 50 with major update

Okayasu:Hi, it’s time for “Pokemon GO with After 5!”

Yasukawa:What are you doing? Did you eat bad things that the manuscript was made even though it was less than 5 days since it was posted last time?

Okayasu:What are you saying, isn’t this series updated regularly?

Yasukawa:If you think of it as a quarterly publication, it’s a good progress. So what happened?

Okayasu:In fact, I heard rumors that “Pokemon GO” will be significantly updated in the near future.

Yasukawa:Eh, at this time of year? The update was always around July, wasn’t it?

Okayasu:Yeah, well. But I’m not updating it, so even if it complains there.

Yasukawa:I don’t mean to make a complaint, though. So what will change or become possible?

Okayasu:This time, we are planning to make a major update called “Pokemon GO Beyond” in the week of November 30th. It will be “Pokemon GO” that goes beyond the previous “Pokemon GO”!

Yasukawa:Even if I was enthusiastic about “It’s going to happen!”, There is no explanation for Beyond.

Okayasu:Well, that’s one after another.

Yasukawa:Hey hey.

Okayasu:There are some changes, but the most notable one is the increase in the trainer level limit. Previously, level 40 was the upper limit, but now level 50 will be the upper limit. Although not mentioned, it seems that the level of Pokemon will increase accordingly. Don’t forget to strengthen your Pokemon as well as level up.

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    The first change is the opening of the upper limit of the level “GO BEYOND LEVELS”

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    Trainer who has reached level 45

Yasukawa:e? really? Since the “Ingress” era, Niantic games have been familiar with specifications that suppress strong inflation, but is the upper limit finally lifted? Is it a limit breakthrough?

Okayasu:It seems that leveling up after level 40 requires not only XP to reach the specified number, but also to clear the necessary tasks. There were conditions other than experience points for raising the level of “Ingress”, so it seems like it’s closer to that.

Yasukawa:You can’t easily raise the level.

Okayasu:Also, if you reach level 40 by 23:59 on December 31, Japan time, you can play a time challenge as a “legacy 40 trainer” where you can get a legacy 40 badge and a limited edition Gyarados hat as a dress-up item. That’s right.

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    There are numerically troublesome tasks, but the conditions are not as strict as Ingress.

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    Gyarados hat that you can get as a reward for time challenge

Yasukawa:Well. I don’t think I’ll reach level 40 in another month.

Okayasu:Good news for such players. From 13:00 on November 18th to December 31st, US time, you will receive a double experience bonus when capturing Pokemon. If you use happy eggs together, it will be 4 times, so let’s spurt it so that you can reach level 40 by the end of 2020.

Yasukawa:Cheeks. I like it. I will do my best to raise the level by 30 more by the end of December.

Okayasu:e? Do you mean level 10 now? Isn’t that impossible?

Introducing the season to the game, Pokemon from the Kalos region also appeared

Yasukawa:Are there any other changes in the update?

Okayasu:The next change is the season, the introduction of the season. In “Pokemon GO”, the actual location, day and night time, weather, etc. have been reflected in the game, but from now on, in line with the transition of “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter”, every 3 months in the game of “Pokemon GO” The season changes.

Yasukawa:I like it. What happens when the seasons change?

Okayasu:Pokemon that match the season will appear, and the types of boss Pokemon that appear in raid battles will change. If you miss the season, you may not be able to acquire a specific Pokemon for 9 months, so the “season” is important.

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    The second change is the seasonal adoption “GO BEYOND SEASON”

Yasukawa:Speaking of which, the castform’s snow-covered shape is an image of winter because it doesn’t come out unless the weather is snowy. Cubchoo is like winter, and ice Pokemon is like winter. Then, what is a summer Pokemon?

Okayasu:Isn’t it sunkern?

Yasukawa:Is it nuts because it’s summer? No wow. It’s really puns. It’s true that as you get older, you can’t stand puns.

Okayasu:……. Ugh. ……. Ah, no, it’s not a pun, you see, if it evolves, it will become a sunflora. It feels like summer.

Yasukawa:You often came up with it in a short time. Is there anything else?

Okayasu:The rest is a new Pokemon. Finally, a new local Pokemon has arrived. Pokemon from the Kanto region, Johto ground, Hoenn region, Sinnoh region, and Unova region have appeared in “Pokemon GO”, but from December 2nd, Pokemon from the Kalos region will appear. It’s the stage of “Pokemon X and Y”.

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    The third change is the appearance of new local Pokemon “GO BEYOND DISCOVERY” & “GO BEYOND EVOKUTION”

Yasukawa:What kind of Pokemon are there in the Kalos region?

Okayasu:In addition to Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, and Fletchling, Greninja and Talonflame, which are always high in the Pokemon popularity ranking, will also appear. By the way, pyroar will appear in two forms.

Fennekin capture.The name is Fennekin, the American name.

Yasukawa:Greninja is popular, isn’t it? Maybe it will play an active part in battle, so I hope there will be good individuals.

Okayasu:Also, we will hold an event in line with this update. It is said that you can get various bonuses under the title of “12 days of friendship”. The details have not been announced yet, but I would like to expect it. The bonuses I earned are opportunities to be used at community days and holiday events, so I have a feeling that there will be a synergistic effect of the events.

Yasukawa:Oh, it looks like December will be busy. Then, please look back on that as well.