A number of corona measures in a quiet audience seat. The atmosphere inside Tokyo City Horse Racing (TCK, Oi Racecourse) was clearly different than before. When I was watching the race with an indescribable feeling, I noticed that people were gathering in front of the podium. There must be something about this. I went straight to it.

  • Oi Racecourse

    Even though it is a holiday, the audience seats are so sparse that it seems to be held during the daytime on weekdays.It ’s a scene unique to Corona

Oi’s legend Fumio Matoba jockey has achieved a feat!

Upon arriving in front of the podium, there was a ceremony for Fumio Matoba, who received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in this autumn’s Medal.

  • Oi Racecourse

    “Debriefing session for receiving the Medal with Yellow Ribbon” held after the 6th race.Jockey Matoba commented, “I’m really happy to be the first jockey.”

Speaking of Matoba jockey, he is a legendary jockey who has won 7,316 total local wins (as of November 3). Not to mention Oi Horse Racing, he is one of the leading jockeys in the Japanese horse racing world. It is said that he received this award in recognition of his many achievements in his 47 years of jockey life and his attitude as a model for young jockeys.

At the ceremony, Jockey Matoba said, “I’m already a good age, so I may feel the limit of my physical strength.” However, he continued, “I just think that I have to do my best until the fans return to Oi Racecourse. Oi Racecourse will continue forever. Oi Racecourse is immortal.” It was.

Hearing these words with the passion of Jockey Matoba, as a horse racing fan, something hot came to my heart.

Discover new lucky items on the racetrack

After seeing the ceremony, I entered “L-WING” again and headed to the goods shop “Champions TCK” on the 1st floor. I am eager to check if there are any items unique to JBC (Japan Breeding Farms Cup Day).

  • Oi Racecourse

    “Champions TCK” just after entering the “L-WING” entrance

  • Oi Racecourse
  • Oi Racecourse
  • The store sells various goods related to jockeys and racehorses, including the TCK image character “Umatase!”.Matoba jockey’s goods were also lined up

Then, although it was not like JBC, I found an item called “Jockey Mark” in the store. I talked to the clerk at once.

  • Oi Racecourse

    A “jockey sign” with the name and illustration of Jockey. It looks like a red stamp, but what is this?

–Excuse me. What is the “jockey stamp” over there?

Clerk: It’s a so-called red stamp that just started selling on November 1st. The imprint is based on the game clothes of each jockey.

――The words written in each are different, right?

Clerk: That’s a favorite word for each jockey. Mr. Matoba has “guts”, but it’s a choice that is unique to Mr. Matoba.

–So that’s it. Is this something sold only here?

Clerk: That’s right. I would like to say that, in fact, it is also sold at the Ito-Yokado Oimachi store and online shops.

――That’s right. By the way, are there any items related to JBC today?

Clerk: Normally, I would prepare, but this time it was held at Corona, and the number of customers who could visit was limited, so I didn’t prepare JBC limited goods.

  • Oi Racecourse

    Get the “Jockey Seal” (right) and “Goshuin Book” (left) and feel like visiting a shrine

There seems to be an influence of corona in such a place. However, I decided to buy Matoba Jockey’s “Jockey Mark” (330 yen) and TCK’s original “Goshuin Book” (2,200 yen).

Horses belonging to TCK achieved a feat!

When I finished shopping at “Champions TCK” and the area began to be surrounded by dusk, it was finally time for the JBC race, which is today’s main event. This is the 20th milestone of the dirt horse racing festival “JBC,” in which three Jpn1 races are held in one day. This will be the eighth time the event has been held at TCK since 2017. In addition, this year, “JBC 2-year-old Yushun” (Jpn3) was newly established at the Monbetsu Racetrack in Hokkaido, and it was attracting attention as the first two racetracks in history.

The first event was the “JBC Ladies Classic,” which was the final battle for Queen Dirt. With all 15 horses running, the popularity is concentrated on Marsh Lorraine, who has won the outpost. The final odds were overwhelmingly popular with a win of 1.3 times. Next, in the same race for the past two years, fashionistas who lost to 3rd place became the second most popular with 8.2 times, followed by Madras check, which challenges the jockey Taito Mori, who belongs to Funabashi Racecourse, at 8.6 times. Up to this point has become a single digit popular.

  • Oi Racecourse

    Marsh Lorraine energetically entering the Baba with a jockey on his back

In the race, Madras Check chased 3rd as if to mark the fashionista who was 2nd from the good start. Marsh Lorraine gradually pushed up the outside from 7th place, caught the two leading heads in sight and went around the 4th corner.

When entering the last straight line, Fashionista and Madras Check escaped, and the match was a match race of two horses. The whereabouts of the fierce struggle that did not yield to each other went up to the fashionista due to the difference in the head. Marsh Lorraine caught up, but was in third place, three more horses away.

  • Oi Racecourse

    A fashionista who won the “JBC Ladies Classic” with honesty for the third time.The expression of the defeated forest jockey is also impressive

While the lingering sound still remained, the next one was the “JBC Sprint”, which decides the dirt sprint king. The popularity of “JBC Ladies’ Classic” has changed, and it seems that four horses are crowded with odds of 3.8 to 5.9 times. And this race will reach the end that can be said to be the highlight of JBC held by TCK.

While the Bulldog Boss belonging to Urawa Racecourse, one of the leading horses, was late, it was the JRA (Japan Racing Association) who controlled this year’s “Takamatsunomiya Kinen” (G1, turf 1,200m). Mozu Superflare.

When he controlled the fierce battle for the lead, he flew lightly as it was, and at the moment when he crossed his head, the 8th popular Sabuno Junior caught up with his tremendous legs and reversed around 50m before the last. It pierced at once as it was.

  • Oi Racecourse

    Sabuno Junior jumped to the front shortly after lining up against the JRA powerhouse

  • Oi Racecourse

    Immediately before the goal, a smile came to my mind in the expression of the jockey Takayuki Yano who was convinced of the victory.

The winning Sabuno Junior is a TCK-born racehorse, and this is the first Jpn1 victory with Jockey Yano on the saddle. I was able to confirm the appearance of the fans who could not hide their joy in this feat. In addition, Sabuno Junior’s father, South Vigorous, won the third race, which was a bonus for parent-child domination.

  • Oi Racecourse

    After the goal, a guts pose popped out from Jockey Yano.

And in the main “JBC Classic”, Chrysoberil who extended the domestic undefeated record to 7 at the “Teio Sho” (Jpn1) in June appeared. In addition, Omega Perfume, the master of Oi, and Chuwa Wizard, the champion of last year, were all on the same page, giving the appearance of an all-star match.

  • Oi Racecourse

    Chrysoberil, who had the style of a champion even during the paddock lap

Speaking of the race of interest, when Chrysoberil, who had been racing in 3rd place from beginning to end, raised the gear on the last straight line, he suddenly stretched to the front. After that, he won the yokozuna sumo wrestling. The domestic undefeated record was extended to 8.

  • Oi Racecourse

    Chrysoberil who quickly leads with a adorable end leg

  • Oi Racecourse

    Even in this race, which has all the domestic powerhouses, Chrysoberil ran through the goal with a so-called run when the actors were different.Jockey Kawada also succeeded in revenge of “JBC Ladies Classic” which was defeated in Marsh Lorraine

This year’s “JBC” was held under various restrictions. Above all, it seems that the harvest was a fan who enjoyed horse racing by observing the rules. By the way, the number of visitors on this day was 777. I can’t help but hope that this number points to a bright future for the horse racing world.

Speaking of brightness, “Tokyo Mega Illumination 2020-2021” is currently being held at Oi Racecourse. We hope that you will enjoy the large-scale illuminations on the vast site as one of the few places to heal in your daily life when you are worried about the corona.

  • Oi Racecourse

    Hinako Sakurai who appeared at the lighting ceremony of “Tokyo Mega Illumination 2020-2021”