The first word I said was


She had been thinking “I want to drive a car that no one is riding” before I got my driver’s license, and immediately after I got my driver’s license, I met Carry Van recommended by my old car rider’s boyfriend.

At that time, the first word he said was “Can a person ride?” Carry felt so small, but I fell in love with the design at first sight. She said, “Maybe it was because of my boyfriend that I was able to tolerate old cars.” Seeing such a figure, the original owner agreed to give it up. It was sunny and I started my career as a Carry owner.

However, old cars are not straightforward. Sudden puncture on the way to work by car. Although I was panicking, I changed to a spare tire and got nothing, but after that I came overheated.

What will happen now?

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You can also make nails, such as a table installed in the back seat, which is your favorite space[6 photos]