Hello, my name is “consciousness is low” Showa uncle. France’s ACCOR, which operates hotels and resorts around the world, will open the hotel “Kyoto Yura Hotel Nijo Castle Bettei M Gallery” in Kyoto from November 28th.

I can go to Kyoto in autumn for work! I went with joy and courage.

  • East Otemon of Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle (formally known as Nijo Castle) is a historical building that is said to have been built by the Tokugawa Shogunate to monitor the Kyoto Imperial Palace during the Edo period, and is also a World Heritage Site.

Beside that, that is, in the center of Kyoto city, it is a place that is originally unrelated to the author who only knows business hotels at the end of the field. It feels like a glimpse of the world of the lord, and there is no sense of misplacement.

  • Nijo Castle is located in the center of Kyoto City Provided by: Google

Highly conscious hotel in Nijo Castle

The area near Nijo Castle is also a residential area, and the hotel is located in the area as if it were a “villa”. When I walked from the nearest station, I didn’t know where it was at first, so I looked closely at the map and finally arrived.

In addition, there is a Kyoto station pick-up service (no additional charge) for all guests, so cases like the author are rare.

  • “Kyoto Yura Hotel Nijo Castle Bettei M Gallery” located in a residential area

When I pass through the lattice door, I feel like I’m suddenly in another world.

  • Lattice door at the entrance

  • An approach inspired by the alleys of Kyoto

What is this change in sensation? We asked Yuko Sato, the general manager, including the origin of this hotel.

According to Mr. Sato, “people who travel with passion and curiosity” are considered to be the main users, and it is characterized by the fact that there are many women in particular. In other words, it is a “highly conscious system” of Bali Carri. I understand.

In addition, the concept of the hotel has three major pillars, which are “exclusive luxury hotel”, “extraordinary food and stay”, and “time travel”.

Supplementally, the first word is a creative accommodation experience that many small hotels in Europe are good at, the second is literally, and the last is a stay in Kyoto, which played a major role in the end of the Edo period and the Meiji Restoration. It is.

“The design theme of this hotel is” connecting “. Connecting the outside scenery inside. Connecting the times. Connecting Western and Japanese culture. We are particular about connecting seamlessly.” (Mr. Sato)

  • Design that “does not make you aware” of the boundary between the outside and the inside

For example, a reception that imitates the stone wall of Nijo Castle is made “outside and inside” to hide the boundary, a table that captures the view of the Japanese garden in the lobby, and a small rise in the guest room where you stay, and its side wall It seems that there are gimmicks everywhere, such as making a reflection of the outside scenery on the ceiling and the ceiling.

  • A “mirror-finished” table that reflects the outside scenery

These points lead to the changes you feel at the entrance. The uncle just admire the hotel, which was made with particular attention to design, and the details cannot be overlooked.

Do conscious people wear gowns?

There are 25 rooms in total (5 of which have balconies), all facing Nijo Castle and the Japanese garden, creating a “flavor” where you can feel the changes of the four seasons.

  • You can feel the changes of the four seasons from the room

There are 12 types of “Deluxe Room 1 King Size Bed”, 8 rooms of “Deluxe Room 2 Single Size Bed”, 4 rooms of “Deluxe Room 1 King Size Bed with Balcony”, and 1 room of “Rikyu Suite 1 King Size Bed”.

I stayed in the first room, but I was struck by the size and equipment that made me wonder, “What is this? Where is the lord?” Well, I think there is such a world. (Small feeling)

All rooms are over 40 square meters in size, and the room rates for one room per night without meals are “Deluxe Room” (starting from 30,000 yen), “Deluxe Room with Balcony” (starting from 33,000 yen), and “Rikyu Suite”. (From 40,000 yen) *, but the amount seems to fluctuate every day. In addition, it will be on sale until January 31, 2021 under the “Nijo Castle Bettei Opening Commemorative Accommodation Plan” (starting at 46,250 yen).

* One night with breakfast for 2 people per room, 1 person charge, tax / service included, accommodation tax not included

  • The wall surface on the bedboard is a traditional craft “Naguri processing”

The fancy amenities are made by France’s “CAUDAIE”, and the indoor towels and bathrobes are “Imabari towels” that are soft to the touch.

  • Skin care “CAUDAIE” born from the vineyards of Bordeaux

  • A gown is essential for a highly conscious system !?

Especially the Rikyu Suite that I was able to visit is dangerous! (Vocabulary). When you sit on the sofa on the balcony, the garden spreads out in front of you and it feels really good.

I just admired, “Is this a conscious world?” Also, the garden of the room with a balcony is also dangerous.

  • Overlooking Nijo Castle and the garden

  • When you sit on the sofa

  • Room with balcony

French cuisine like a work of art

Not only the room, but also the dinner served at the restaurant “Singular Shinzo” is an experience that is too different for Uncle Showa.

Dr. Susumu Okubo, the chef who has a track record in Michelin, carefully selects the ingredients and provides the ingredients directly purchased as “Watama Yosai French”, and each one seems to be an art work.

  • Part of the dish served

A female editor living in Kansai, who happened to be present, said “Yaba Iwa!” With the author, who has a lot of alcohol, on his side, he mixes food, wine, and sake in front of him one after another.

The real thing that the lunch on that day was also French says, I guess it’s dangerous!

By the way, during the daytime of the author, “Tanuki Udon + Inari-san” at Showa Shokudo in the city (laughs). As I say many times, the world I live in is too different!

  • The author’s lunch I ate at the Showa cafeteria was just under 1,000 yen

The carbonated water prepared by the author, who is not good at alcohol, is “natural carbonated water” made in Tohoku. He chose it because it has a smooth texture and does not interfere with cooking. There is no gap in Tokitomu Ichiro.

  • “Natural carbonated water” with a smooth texture

Healed in the Showa cityscape

I experienced a high-spec life in this way, but I wasn’t used to the large bed and woke up early in the morning, so I took a walk in the neighborhood. Then, there was a street of Showa and a shopping street nearby! Needless to say, my uncle was healed at “Showa World”.

  • Healed by the Showa cityscape near the hotel

By the way, this hotel also has activities for guests, a tour around the main hall and Kyogen-do of “Mibudera”, which is famous as a sanctuary for Shinsengumi fans (limited to one group per day), and a priest at “Takamatsu Shinmei Shrine”. There is a “morning visit experience” where you can listen to the lecture of the priest.

There is also such a program, so it seems to be an interesting accommodation experience not only for Balikari girls but also for those who want to stick to traveling.

● information
Kyoto Yura Hotel Nijo Castle Bettei M Gallery
Location: 180-1 Ichinocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Access: 1 minute walk from Nijojo-mae Station on the Tozai Subway Line