These days, every time I post a story on Instagram, I crazy check the footsteps of the viewer.

There is evidence that a man who used to look a little better came to see my post. Our relationship has come to an end because he suddenly faded out.

So why is he coming to my SNS now? There are two possible reasons.

Is he “regretting letting go of me” or “not thinking about anything”? The view is the latter. I’m sure he’s not thinking about anything. Somewhere in the world today, he feels like he’s living happily.

Perhaps just a small part of that life involves a “petit-stimulating cycle” of looking into my story.

There is a high sense of sight in the series of actions, which hinders the tantrum. On the other hand, I myself sometimes posted a “selfie” with him in mind, and I was exhausted by myself having such a dilemma.

  • “A diary of the results of a 38-year-old batuichi single woman trying a matching app” (Gentosha)

A masterpiece that humorously conveys the sadness of human beings

After reading “A diary of the results of a 38-year-old batuichi single woman trying a matching app” (Gentosha), I became able to understand the feelings of men a little.

The main character of this manga is a woman named “Chiaki” who married her first boyfriend at the age of 24, but separated at the age of 33 and lost her registration at the age of 37. She gets acquainted with many men through a matching app and goes on a spiritual adventure to regain her lost youth.

I go to the cinema with college students in the daytime, and repeat meal dates with employees of big companies with good looks.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that match men who do not match their personality and men who are “Yarimoku” (for sex purposes). Due to the nature of the app, these gacha-like elements are inevitable.

Still, Chiaki bravely knows a man, gets hurt, heals, and sometimes enjoys sex. The whole series of actions is active and the best.

  • Chiaki’s active action is the best

Let’s say that there was a voice in the world saying, “A 38-year-old bachelor woman enjoys a matching app for no reason.” However, if you read this work, you will find that she has returned to the essence of human beings and is full of charm enough to dismiss those negative opinions.

I think the reason why this book is a masterpiece is that it humorously conveys the sadness of human beings to the reader.

Chiaki always respects men, even though he may self-deprecate for the sake of convenience, “I am a 38-year-old bachelor who uses the app.” And at the root is optimism and positiveness. That is really exciting. Chiaki gets to know herself little by little by men and accepts others. Sometimes the emotions are so painful that I die, but the next day I laugh and look forward.

In that respect, this book can be said to be a real-life human drama.

Humans get to know themselves by interacting with others

Every day, I myself feel self-affirmation to the climax and to the bottom of the abyss. Mental sway cannot be perfectly controlled even by myself. That’s why I really want to meet a man who will satisfy me.

At first, it can be momentary. However, it would be great if the relationship became permanent from there.

Chiaki, who boldly challenges her life with a weapon called a “matching app” to bet on that possibility, is my alter ego.

After reading this manga, I came up with the simple answer, “Human knows himself by interacting with others.” As for “My Story: Choose Your Own” that appeared at the beginning of this column, I think it would be nice if I could continue to look around until I was satisfied.

But I will go to the next world one step ahead. Have a nice day.