School on the radio, TOKYO FM “SCHOOL OF LOCK!”. For four days from November 23rd (Monday) to 26th (Thursday), we will listen to the voices of teenagers who have hardships and worries under the title of “Shindo Counseling Room”. The theme of the 25th (Wednesday) is “Parental relationship is difficult”. First of all, Principal Sakata and Principal Sakata of personality picked up the message received from the listener and talked based on their own experience.

Principal Sakata: What kind of person is a parent to you as a student? Tonight, please tell us the story of you who have a feeling of “difficulty” for your parents.

Vice-principal Komori: Because of the special existence with blood, I think that even if it is difficult and difficult, it may not be possible to escape.

–“Thinking about your relationship with your parents” received from the listener

I think parents are very difficult. To be honest, even if I tell my true feelings, I can’t believe it, so I often can’t really express my true feelings even though I’m a family member. The future is also opposed no matter how many times I tell my parents. When I could only feel the purpose of life on music and radio, I was told that I was addicted, and even though I didn’t know anything about myself, I thought. But they support me in many ways, and I think it’s because I have parents that I can have fun. It’s very difficult. (14-year-old woman)]

Principal Sakata: My parents are worried, so I’ll tell you about the future. But for that … I also thought, “I can’t understand even if I talk” and “I don’t understand.” But when you actually talk to them, you may find out, though it takes time. Moreover, there is also a gratitude that “I have been raised”.

Vice-principal Komori: That’s right. It’s hard to live alone, and I understand that I’m grateful, but … I also had a lot of thoughts that I couldn’t convey my feelings without good communication. Right.

Principal Sakata: Yeah.

Vice-principal Komori: I’ve wanted to dance since I was in elementary school, and the reason I didn’t shake was because my mother supported me and supported me. By then, I had a mess. Sometimes I shed tears because my mother couldn’t reach my thoughts, but … (like the message from the poster) I’m supported, and it’s thanks to my parents that I can have a lot of fun, so it’s a difficult relationship. That’s right.

Principal Sakata: But one thing I can say is that I liked music and radio and was said to be “addicted” … but I don’t have to hate it.

Vice-principal Komori: Yeah.

Principal Sakata: I was watching an unusually funny show, and sometimes I threw away the videotape. Regarding that kind of enthusiastic favorite thing … After all, it’s hard to convey without communication.

Vice-principal Komori: That’s right.

[My brother and I are not real fathers now. Blood is not connected. That’s why I quickly get into a quarrel. But my brother has blood. Of course good friends. That’s why it’s hard for me and my brother to stay home. But my brother will be living alone as a college student from next year. When that happens, I’m alone. It’s harder to stay home. When I become a high school student, I plan to enter the dormitory and leave the house. Another year and a half … I’m worried if I can bear it. I have been crying on my futon and desk many times. Many times I thought that my true father was good. (14-year-old woman)]

Principal Sakata: Yeah … My brother may have been worried too, but … I’m worried about going out first. It is said that one person may carry the anxiety that had been half-hearted as it was.

Vice-principal Komori: That’s right. Since I just read this message, I don’t know how the family feels (with the poster) … I think it’s amazing to find the option of entering a dormitory in high school. I haven’t lived with my parents since junior high school (going to Tokyo).

Principal Sakata: Yeah.

Vice-principal Komori: Still, I was able to graduate from high school, and I never thought I was inferior to others because I didn’t spend time with my parents. If your brother leaves the house, you may end up holding it alone, but you don’t want him to be tied to that alone.

Principal Sakata: That’s right. I hope you will continue to talk with your brother. I want you to communicate more even if you are separated.

Vice-principal Komori: Yeah. I was at a relative’s house when I was in junior high school, and I went to the dormitory from high school … I was six years away from my mother, but I kept in touch and I couldn’t get rid of it. (Poster) I’m separated from my older brother, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship is broken. So you should get in touch, and if you can meet, you should meet. I think it’s the older brother who sympathizes with the pain the most, so I hope you don’t feel the wall just because you’re away.

In the broadcast of the day, a high-ranking 3 female listener who said, “I live with my father who is handicapped on the right side and is being violent by words from my father.” I heard a story by connecting a phone with a female listener of high school 1 who said, “I have come to think” what is a mother? “

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