There are many cooking videos on YouTube. “Tsutsui Channel” is uploading a cooking video that stands out in such a situation, such as recipes that do not use a frying pan, or just handling fish.

The title of the video always has the phrase “a man who wants to be popular with his wife and daughter” and gives a cooking video of breakfast and snacks. There is no talk in the video, only surreal subtitles. This surrealism is indescribably interesting, and the number of subscribers is 360,000.

  • What is the popular “Made by a man who wants to be popular with his wife and daughter” cooking video, Tsutsui Channel?

The channel owner is a big man who seems to be silent and scary at first glance, but the gap between subtitles and editing is cute … No, in the first place, “I want to be popular with my wife and daughter” is cute! Has been sent.

If you notice, a sub-channel will also be opened. The recipes that look good and delicious, but are not easy to imitate, are also popular. In this article, I would like to introduce Tsutsui World, which is a succession of such addicts!

A man who wants to be popular with his wife and daughter, what made him start cooking and YouTube?

This is the rumored Tsutsui channel, Mr. Tsutsui (@tsutsuuuuuui). By the way, it seems to be 28-year-old Virgo. Virgo is definitely a story. Did you look like an adult when you were born in Heisei?

  • The number of followers on Twitter is gradually increasing.

As you can see from the video, Mr. Tsutsui is very good at cooking. Not only the kitchen knives, but also the appearance of washing and resetting the kitchen during cooking shows the familiar feeling of people who are on a daily basis.

When a beginner suddenly thought that such quality would not be possible! When asked how he started cooking, he answered, “I started trying to attract attention after I started dating my wife.”

It’s ok to try to attract attention when you start dating instead of unrequited love …! It seems that any human being can improve for someone he likes.

By the way, it seems that he originally posted food on Instagram, and the video posted there buzzed, and he started posting videos on YouTube. My followers said, “If you do YouTube, you’ll succeed,” and I started to feel that way.

  • Mr. Tsutsui can make sweets as well as cooking.I will never forget Mote

  • No dexterity !! The quality of Pien is high!

It is a topic that subtitles are interesting even though it is a cooking channel

The feature of Tsutsui Channel is the fun of subtitles that other cooking videos do not have. There are videos that subtitle cooking procedures and everyday little things, but you can’t even see such surrealistic subtitles and story videos.

  • “I’m Tsutsui, who was frustrated by fighting with his wife yesterday.”

  • “That’s why I’m going to harass you by making fried chicken from the morning today.”

  • I intended to make it “actually dinner”, but I’ll tell you what happens when Tsutsui gets angry. “(Video: Breakfast made by office workers before going to work[Taiwanese-style fried chicken])

By the way, the Tsutsui channel originally had the title “Make a salaryman before going to work”, but now he quits the salaryman and the video is “Make a man who wants to be popular with his wife and daughter”.

Even so, because I had a quarrel with my wife, I harassed the fried chicken for breakfast … It’s too cute (laughs) It’s rather a reward to make such a complicated breakfast the day after the quarrel. While hitting the meat, “I’ll tell you what happens when you make Tsutsui angry” feels like a psychopath, but the subtitle font is loose, so it makes me laugh.

Good at serving! Also as a model for one-plate rice

The thumbnail of the Tsutsui channel video is basically the finished product of the dish, but it looks delicious and I just click on it. Basically, there are many one-plate arrangements, so it is a must-see for those who want to finish it fashionably with less washing!

  • Every time the dish is completed, there is a sound effect and subtitles that say “Wow!”. I’m waiting for this moment … Even so, the colors are beautiful. Does somen become such a shareotsu?

  • A Japanese set meal of cooked rice, fish, omelet, and miso soup.Japanese food also looks great on a plate! This is popular

  • The mysterious onee words before serving are also surreal and interesting. The gap is amazing.I’m surprised at the photo size that suddenly grows

  • There is also such a pattern.After this, I served it well

From time to time, the videos also introduce items used for cooking. Affordable items such as ceria from 100-yen shops are often used, so why not use them as a reference for kitchen items?

A series of addicts in “Tsutsui Glossary”, a live cooking that is too surreal!

From here, I will introduce some interesting surreal subtitles that can be said to be the “liver” of the Tsutsui channel. Not only is it surreal, but the exquisite real intention of “Oh, I understand” is also the best.

I hope it’s delicious
This is a waste of time, so I’m angry

I understand. Chopping garlic is very troublesome. But it’s delicious.

  • The seasoning is something that you can put in

Wash somen while getting burned
Somen will be delicious as much as it gets burned

Maybe the same thing is said when holding a rice ball. I also said when I burned the eggs.

Using up the material is called “extinction” in Tsutsui. Also, chicken skin is not “hagu” but “trimming”.

Keep an eye on Mr. Tsutsui’s daily life and the future!

In the sub-channel, you can see the daily life of Mr. Tsutsui, such as cooking videos edited loosely from the main “Tsutsui channel”, introduction of purchased items, question corners from viewers, chats and videos of eating spicy ramen. ..

  • Mr. Tsutsui also has an introduction video of his favorite Costco purchases.Dinner rolls are everyone’s point of view, right?

The number of subscribers to the sub-channel has exceeded 60,000! Although I haven’t made an appearance, my wife and daughter appear frequently, and I can see the real face of the family, which is not in the cooking video.

Mr. Tsutsui, who has become a very popular YouTuber, asked if there were any plans that he would like to challenge in the future, and he said, “I want to be able to handle fish!” I definitely want to see it, so I would like you to take on the challenge as soon as possible.

You will be able to see psychopathic subtitles … (laughs) You want to collaborate with other YouTubers, so maybe the day when you can see such videos in the future?

Tsutsui channel is full of surrealistic charm, not just cooking. If you are interested, please check the channel once.

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