I didn't have such an idea! If you try to make the BMW M4 a camper

Many people enjoy modifying their vehicles for camping and road trips, but the idea of ​​using the BMW M4 as a camper is hard to come up with. The appearance of the M4 camper, released by Los Angeles-based concept artist Brad Builds, has become a hot topic.

Currently, there are some graphic artists who are designing a wonderful concept car with such a unique theme with CG. But among them, this BMW M4 camper is a hot topic because it looks so real that it wouldn’t be strange if the actual car was on display at SEMA.

BMW M4 camper

To meet the camper concept, it has a camp box about 5 feet wide and plenty of space for two people in a foldable twin bed. It’s a full-fledged concept with a small foldable table, custom bench seats, storage space, a small ice box, a sink and a stove.

In order to support these, it is necessary to strengthen the suspension, but since it is just a concept, that part is not mentioned. But with modern technology, it wouldn’t be unrealistic.

Brad Builds continues to create other wild concept cars, but at this stage it’s just a graphic concept car. I can’t wait for the day when they will continue to develop and become actual vehicles.