Video media for moms “mamatas” (operated by C Channel) recently announced the results of a survey on “corona vaccine”. The survey asked, “If we have a corona vaccine, can we give it to our children?”

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Opinions are divided between affirmatives and cautious groups

When asked if they would let their children hit the corona vaccine, 53% of the positive and positive moms answered “yes”. On the other hand, 47% of the cautious and negative moms answered “no”, resulting in a dichotomy.

Therefore, we conducted an additional questionnaire to clarify the true intentions of moms regarding the new vaccine. According to the opinions of positive and affirmative moms, “Any vaccine can be hit at a high price, as long as you see it becoming severe and suffering.” “Vaccination is preventive, so it’s better than not doing it. “I think it will be possible.” “Children cannot prevent infection by themselves. If you leave it in the garden, you cannot avoid the three secrets.” “I’m worried about side reactions, but I’m afraid of getting it.” “Reduce the risk of infection as much as possible.” , I want to avoid aggravation. “

  • If you have a corona vaccine, can you give it to your child?

On the other hand, cautious and negative moms said, “I’m not sure it’s 100% safe.” “I’m a healthcare professional. I don’t have children, but I can’t beat myself! I can’t trust the vaccine I made in a year.” Safety and reliability of vaccines made in a short period of time, such as “Reliability of vaccines and low risk of aggravation of children” “I am worried about side effects and safety. I think the risk of aggravation is lower” Many voices were worried about sex.

The target of the survey is Mamatus Instagram followers. The survey period of this survey is October 27-28, 2020, and the number of valid responses is 11,208. The survey period for the additional questionnaire was October 29 to 30 of the same year, and 302 valid responses were received.