Akita Inu has received a lot of attention by Russian figure skater Zagitova. At the Akita Inu Kaikan, the headquarters of the Akita Inu Preservation Society, the signboard dog Subaru, who will soon be two years old, is drawing attention.

That is the photo posted on Twitter by the Akita Inu Preservation Society (@akitainuho).

  • A little…

    A little…

This is Subaru, the signboard dog of the Akita Dog Museum, who will be 2 years old on February 6th next year! The tiger-haired boy will soon be 40 kg! I am mainly in charge of reception! !! I go to work only on weekdays! !! Please come to play! !!
(Quoted from @akitainuho)

Subaru-kun is about to weigh 40 kg, but he seems to be a crazy sweetheart. According to the person in charge, Akita dogs are slightly different in size depending on their gender, and Subaru is a male, so although it is a little larger, it is not particularly large.

On Twitter, Subaru was surprised to hear “Big!”, “Cool”, “Big cute”, “Big … the scale isn’t wrong”, and “The feeling of a colleague is amazing”. In addition, some people confirmed that they were too big, “bear?”, “Isn’t it a bear?”, “Complete bear”, “I saw it twice because I thought it was a bear”, and “Is there a person inside?”

Even so, even though I’m only one year old, it’s very big and cool. Subaru-kun, who is usually in charge of reception at the Akita Dog Museum. It seems that you can meet if you ask during business hours on weekdays, and they will stand up and welcome you. However, it seems that you may be sleeping, so please do not wake up at that time.

Finally, when I was told about the charm of Akita Inu, “The character of Akita Inu is obedient to the owner. I only look at the owner. Although it looks big, there are many gentle and gentle children. It features “standing ears” and a curled “rolled tail”, and above all, it is large and has a beautiful and attractive standing appearance. “

By the way, the Akita Inu Preservation Society holds exhibitions in various places, and you can freely see the dignified and brave Akita dog. The headquarters exhibition is scheduled to be held in Osaka on December 6th this year, and more than 150 Akita dogs, from puppies to adult dogs, are scheduled to gather. * Please check the Akita Inu Preservation Society website for information on whether or not the event will be held.