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[Reunion with a small coupe that I have never forgotten | Honda Coupe Vol.1]

A place where you can run through a large land area by making full use of the developed freeway network. The North American market must have been seen by Japanese car makers in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, Datsun, which entered this vast market from Japan early on, was beginning to succeed with an engine with a larger displacement than the Japanese domestic model.

At that time, Honda, who was burning with ambition, would have been feeling sick. Honda, which still had only a mini car-sized car, had no choice but to compete with the pieces it had in order to keep up with the wave of the era of new market development. Datsun ahead should have looked big.

Reunion with an unexpected coupe
However, Honda’s “smallness” certainly caught the eye of people in the “big car country.” Pete Anderson, who lives in Albany, California, has longed for the little car that caught her eye when she was a teenager.

Born and raised in Illinois, the Midwestern United States, Anderson began looking for a suitable car for the first time as soon as he got his driver’s license at the age of 16. What caught my eye at that time was the green Honda Coupe that happened to be on sale in the town. At a glance, Anderson wanted the car, which was “small and swanky.”

Anderson’s father didn’t pay $ 700 because of the Japanese car, which was content with the rumor that it would rust quickly in this land with plenty of anti-freezing salt on the winter road. The British MG-B became my first favorite car, despite my patience, because it was “cheaper than that”. Still, the impression of this “small and swanky car from Japan over the sea” is so strong for teens who have begun to be interested in cars, and it’s been my heart since I saw that green Honda It remained in one corner.

In the years since then, he hasn’t been particularly devoted to Japanese cars, and in addition to Datsun Z and Celica, he has also transferred to American and European cars. During that time, he never forgot the appearance of the Honda Coupe, but he never saw that little one again.

A turning point suddenly came to Mr. Anderson.
“That was last year.”

As I was walking around my current home, I came across a house that was organizing my garage.
“I was watching things get out, thinking it was a move or a garage sale.”

However, it seems that is not the case. So I took the trouble to look into the garage and was amazed. The Honda Coupe was stopped there. It’s been 31 years since I was 16 years old, and in my mind, the memory of what I saw in the past was “sporty”, and at this moment, Anderson’s heart was vivid. Revived to.

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