On November 19, Tokyo Shoko Research announced the results of the “Questionnaire on Forgetfulness and New Year’s Party”. The survey was conducted on the Internet from November 9th to 16th, targeting 1,584 large companies (capital of 100 million yen or more) and 8,475 small and medium-sized companies (capital of less than 100 million yen) nationwide.

  • Do you hold a year-end party / new year party?

When asked if they would hold a year-end party / new year party, 75.7% of large companies answered that they held it last year and will not hold it this year. When combined with the companies that said, “We didn’t hold it last year and we don’t plan to hold it this year” (17.1%), 92.9% of the large companies said they wouldn’t hold it this year.

On the other hand, among small and medium-sized enterprises, the total of small and medium-sized enterprises that “held last year and will not be held this year” (65.1%) or “not held last year and will not be held this year” (21.8%) is 86.9. It became%, and it was found that not only large companies but also small and medium-sized companies are seriously working on infection risk prevention.

In addition, when looking at companies that are not planning to hold year-end parties and New Year’s parties by prefecture, “Nara Prefecture” (96.05%) is at the top. This is followed by “Hokkaido” (93.04%) and “Tokushima” (92.86%), followed by “Tochigi” (92.81%), “Saitama” (90.94%), “Osaka” (90.78%), “Kanagawa Prefecture” (90.47%), “Tokyo” (90.30%), and “Mie Prefecture” (90.10%) exceeded 90%.