NTT DoCoMo announced on November 22 that it will end the service provision of the “Docomo Hikari” provider set plan “1 Giga Type A (01 Hikari Koala)” on May 31. New applications will end on December 7, 2021.

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Docomo Hikari’s provider set plan is an internet connection service that charges the internet connection fee and provider fee together, and the provider to use can select from the corresponding 24 services. There are 18 providers in the lineup of “Type A” that does not incur additional costs, and “01 Hikari Koala” operated by QTmedia of the Kyushu Electric Power Group was one of them.

QTmedia announced on September 1 that it will end the provision of Internet services on December 31 as “because it became difficult to maintain the service due to aging equipment”. Only the cooperation plan with docomo Hikari had undecided the new acceptance end time / service provision end time, but this announcement means that the schedule has been confirmed.

With the provision of this service, users using the plan will need to change providers. After December 8, 2021, the provider change fee of 3,300 yen will usually be free. For subscribers who do not complete the provider change procedure by May 31, 2022, the plan will be changed to “1 giga single type” without a provider from June 1, 2022, and Internet connection using the provider will be possible. It disappears.