Enako, a cosplayer, has been appointed as the official ambassador of the event “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022”, which consists of e-sports competitions and related industry exhibitions for the purpose of popularizing e-sports and promoting related industries. ..

  • Enako

    Enako who showed off the cosplay of “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022” at the pre-event

The official ambassador will appear in PR videos released on November 18th and in various media, and will liven up the event at the venue of Tokyo Big Sight during the session from January 28th to 3rd.

PR video of Tokyo eSports Festa 2022

Inauguration comment
I’ve always been very interested in esports, I love games myself, and I play games when I have free time, but I think that esports is still developing in Japan compared to overseas. As an official ambassador, I would like to contribute to the excitement of Tokyo eSports Festa so that even those who are not interested in games can enjoy eSports in the future!