Canon IT Solutions announced on December 14 that it will collaborate with SecuAvail to launch a SOC (Security Operation Center) service for mid-sized companies that monitors and analyzes security threats to respond to incidents.

Specifically, it will provide two types of services, “UTM Security Operation Support Service” and “UTM Security Operation Support Service (Light)”, targeting FortiGate’s UTM “FortiGate”.

  • Outline diagram of UTM security operation support service

The “normal version” provides a wide range of security operation support services from “monitoring / setting change / fault response” to “log collection / threat analysis / security incident response”, and the “light version” is inexpensive focusing on essential operation functions. Providing various operational support services. The prices and functions of each are as follows.

  • Service offer price

  • Function comparison

Inquiries are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, reducing the workload and operating costs of users for security measures.

The company plans to provide another SOC service following the operation support service for FortiGate, aiming for annual sales of 1 billion yen for the SOC service over the next five years.