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Electronic Notepad from Joplin

Electronic Notepad

Electronic notebooks really do not count the advantages compared to traditional paper ones. 

They are available on any device – from mobile gadgets to personal computers, always at hand and equally well suited for text recordings, as well as for storing voice notes, photos and videos, making to-do lists, recording momentary thoughts and fresh ideas. 

With their help, you can conveniently organize and structure information, quickly find the necessary notes, schedule tasks, create reminders and combine all records in one application, the choice of which will help our selection of such software solutions.

Notepad allows you to create an unlimited number of notebooks, which, in turn, can be divided into pages and sections - all this helps to build a multi-level data structure and competently organize information. 

Handwriting and drawing functions are supported, you can insert videos from the Internet and screenshots, record audio notes, and add documents, tables and presentations both as attached files and in the format of virtual printouts (images). 

Important and up-to-date posts can be tagged for quick access, and notebooks with sensitive information can be password protected. 

Also, the notebook has advanced search tools and allows you to share notes with employees, friends and relatives.

Of the distinctive features of the notebook, it is worth highlighting a convenient ribbon menu, the ability to write in an arbitrary place on the sheet and the ability to combine handwritten fragments with printed ones. 

Special mention should be made of the built-in engine that allows you to extract texts from images, and integration with the translation service. 

And finally, an interesting feature of the program is the ability to solve mathematical equations (including those written by hand) with a step-by-step explanation aloud of all the stages of solving the problem. 

Such a function can serve as a good help for high school students and students. 


  • Wide functionality
  • Huge user base
  • Good organization of documents


Dawood Travers

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Rhydian Rocha

After switching to this program last year, I was very pleased with its speed, stability and overall functionality.

Ethel Santana

I was disappointed with this software as it was user-friendly and had limited functionality. The software often failed, making it difficult to complete tasks. The system requirements were also very high.

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